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Saturday, September 25, 2010

Fantasy Season

No, not a Wild post here but instead I am gearing up for another season of fantasy hockey. I have two leagues that I would like to fill so I am throwing this out to anyone who may be interested. These are semi-serious leagues and would prefer those who are active. The first league will be our 6th season at Yahoo and consists of a roto style scoring with an auto draft. I have it set to 20 teams and still need 11 to fill it. The second league is over at ESPN and is a smaller, 10 team league. This league is a points based scoring league and will have a live auction draft, which is set for October 2, 10:00 pm CST.

The Yahoo league can be reduced as far as how many teams are allowed in and conversely, the ESPN league can be expanded based on how much interest there is.

Please contact me by simply clicking on the envelope at the top of the sidebar to the right if you are interested in either league.

As for Wild posts...I've been busy.

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